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FS Various trombone, euphonium, and tuba items

Postby jgoro » Wed May 16, 2018 3:41 pm

Hi all,

Not everything in this post is directly related to the content of this forum, but I figure there may be other “overlapping” members. It’s time to start unloading some mouthpieces and things. All prices are negotiable, within reason. I have the following items:

Warburton “Demondrae” BT16 gold – Inserted and played exactly once, perfect condition. SOLD
Hammond 20BL gold – Great condition other than some tarnish on the shank. SOLD
Shires 1-1/4MD – Light insertion marks. New $125(?), asking $100
Ferguson LS – Some faint spots on tarnish on the shank. New $120, asking $95
Greg Black “1-1/8G(s)” – SOLD. Now this is an oddball. This mouthpiece was owned by Newell Sheridan, and when he owned it he cut off the rim, sanded down the cup to make it shallower, and then soldered the rim back on, making it a rather brutish 1-1/8Gs. This mouthpiece was apparently used as a rough model in the design of the 1-1/8Gs, but I have no verification of this. Not a looker, but it plays great. If you had someone fill in the rim crevice with silver solder, buff, and replate, it might not be so bad to look at either; if this mouthpiece worked better for me I’d probably have done this myself. I have no idea how to price this, so if you’re interested shoot me an email and make me an offer. SOLD
Doug Elliott MB H cup and H9 shank – Pits in the shank, some wear on the cup. No damage to threading, and works fine. SOLD.
Doug Elliott J6 shank – Better condition than the H9 shank, still not perfect. New $70, asking $40
Brian Bowman BB1EU – Insertion marks and light shank wear. New $100, asking $75
Wessex 6-1/2AL small shank – Mint, never touched. New $50(?), asking $40
Bach 12C Megatone small shank gold – Light insertion marks. New $170, asking $100 ON HOLD
LOUD LM-48 small shank – Great condition old style LOUD. Light insertion marks. New $140 (in new style), asking $100
LOUD LM-7 American shank tuba mouthpiece – Mint old style LOUD. This is the screw-rim version, with an LM7-6 32.5mm rim. Would prefer to sell as a unit, but will part out for the right price. UNDERPART SOLD, RIM SELLING FOR $50
Sellmansberger Solo #2 American shank tuba mouthpiece – Light insertion marks. This is the older two-piece version of this mouthpiece. Screw rim is a Mouthpiece Ordnance C4 L.A. which works very well with this underpart. Would prefer to sell as a unit, but will part out for the right price. SOLD
Protec Pro Pac contoured bass trombone hard case – This used to have the S.E. Shires logo on the front, but all of that lettering came off somehow. Gently used, only signs of wear are a few little worn spots on the very front. Fits up to 10.5” bells, and all standard valve configurations; plenty of storage space (used to carry a K&M trombone stand in the top pocket with room to spare). Comes with shoulder strap and the backpack strap that is traditionally sold separately. New $273, asking $175

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/l6WGCZK

Please email at jgorodetzkymouthpieces@gmail.com
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Re: FS Various trombone, euphonium, and tuba items

Postby jgoro » Thu May 17, 2018 11:42 pm

Bump for updates.
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