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Bruckner 8 - Wiener Philharmoniker w/Prof. Walter Hilgers

Postby joshealejo » Tue Aug 14, 2018 10:40 pm

Dear all,

Time ago I have seen an old post with a (sadly) broken link of this, but somebody uploaded It again and here It is. Sadly It is not the full Symphonie plus It is partioned in short clips. Excelent examples of the outstanding playing of Prof. Walter Hilgers.

BONUS: There is an extra clip of Prof. Hilgers playing Bydlo with orchestra, but you may have already heard that one.

Please enjoy

Bruckner 8:

C Courtois 168 "D'Orchestre" French Tuba
Bb Courtois 267 "Challenger" Euphonium
F B&S 56AFT "Alessandro Fossi" Bass Tuba
CC B&S 4098 "Mel Culbertson - Neptune" Contrabass Tuba
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