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Postby Michael Grant » Thu Sep 13, 2018 12:17 pm

Below is an updated list to the brass quintet music I have been selling. I started with 82 pieces and there are 33 left. Still lots of good pieces. All are original parts except for the 2 trumpet part in “God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen”. It is written out by hand due to a player losing the part. All are written for standard quintet instrumentation of 211.01 with a couple pieces also calling for piano and one for harp.

The prices listed are shown as follows:

Current retail / selling price

I accept Paypal or certified / cashiers checks.
Prices do not include shipping and paypal fees if applicable.

Thanks for looking.


Albeinz / Rowe. “Legends”
$15 / $9

Cable, Howard “War Between The States”
Canadian Brass arrangement as played on Village Brass
$23 / $14

Calvert, Morley. “Suite from the Monteregian Hills”
$47 / $28

Cheetham, John “Scherzo”
$18 / $11

Dempsey, Raymond “Mouse, pl Mice”
Neat piece in 5 movements. Little poem read before
each movement that corresponds to each one.
Every instrument featured. Always well received by audience.
Good piece for recital or children’s concert.
$20 / $12

Dvorak, A. / Hazell “Humoresque”
$18 / $11

End, Jack “Caprice for Brass Quintet”
$20 / $12. (Out-of-print)

End, Jack “Three Salutations
Very much in the flavor of Morley Calvert’s
“Suite from the Monterigian Hills” only written
11 years before. Pretty cool piece.
$15 / $10. (Out of print)

Ewazen, Eric “Shadowcatcher”
For piano and Brass Quintet
Really neat piece.
Pairs well with the Schmidt for a quintet recital with piano.
$50 / $30

Gershwin, G / Canovale ‘Prelude II”
Nice tuba solo in middle
$15 / $10

Glasel, John, editor. “16th Century Carmina”
Neat piece in 4 movements. Nice contrapuntal writing.
Give the players breaks as each movement uses different instrumentation.
1st one is 2 trumpets,
2nd is horn, bone & tuba,
3rd is 2 trpts, horn & bone
4th is whole quartet
$15 / $10 (out of print)

Handel, G. F. / Hauser “Arrival of the Queen of Sheba”
$17 / $10

Joplin, S. / Knudsvig “Solace’
$22 / $13

Key, F. S. / Bulla / Himes “Star Spangled Banner”
$15 / $9

Key F. S. / Holcombe “Star Spangled Banner”
3 versions in this arrangement. Traditional instrumental,
Contemporary Instrumental and a Vocal and Quintet Version.
$15 / $9

Maurer, Ludwig / Nagle “Scherzo and Lied”
$11 / $7

Previn, Andre “Four Outings for Brass”
$44 / $30

Price, Richard “Christmas Carols”
By far my favorite quintet arrangement of holiday music. 9 arrangements
$30 / $18

Roberts, W B “Silent Night”
$9 / $5

Roberts, W B “Jingle Bells”
$9 / $5

Roberts, W B ‘God Rest, Ye Merry Gentlemen”
2nd trumpet part hand written copy
$9 / $5

Al three of the above arrangements by Roberts is
scored for Flugelhorn, Cornet, Horn, Euphonium
and Tuba. Gives a nice, warm sound. Nicely arranged pieces.
Of course, one does not have to play it all “conical”.

Scheidt, S / Reynolds “Centone V
$25 / $18

Rossini, G / Denroche “Overture to Barber of Seville”
$12 / $8

Schmidt, William “Concertino for piano & Brass Quintet”
Makes a nice program piece when coupled with the
Ewazen “Shadowcatcher”
$20 / $12

Schmidt, William “Music for Scrimshaws”
For harp and brass quintet
A nice tonal change on any standard brass quintet recital.
$8 / $5

Schultz, H / Fitzgerald “Motet (Es isn’t eftschienen)
$6 / $4

Schuman W “Trauersinfonie”
$10 / $6

Shaw, Lowell “Small Talk”
Cool, jazzy piece. Great for encore or lighter fare
No score
$10 / $5

Sousa, J P / Frackenpohl “Stars and Stripes Forever”
$6 / $4

Tchaikovsky, P / Smedvig “Arabian Dance”
Very nice arrangement from the Empire Brass “Class Brass” CD
$22 / $13

Tull, Fisher “Coup de Brass”
Nice encore piece
$10 / $11

Willis, Bob “Patapan”
$10 / $6
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Re: Brass Quintet Music for sale - Updated List

Postby Billy M. » Thu Sep 13, 2018 2:40 pm

Do you have an asking price for the entire collection?
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Re: Brass Quintet Music for sale - Updated List

Postby geomiklas » Thu Sep 13, 2018 10:19 pm

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