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Brass Quartets for Sale

Postby Michael Grant » Sun Sep 16, 2018 3:29 pm

Below are a small selection of brass quartets for sale. After a trumpet player did not show up for a gig one time, I spent what I made on that gig on some quartets which saved future gigs more than once. Here are some of the pieces from that purchase.

Prices do not include shipping and Paypal is applicable. I accept Paypal and cashiers / certified check.

Bernstein, Leonard “Fanfare for Bima” 111.01
$8 / $5

Gabrieli, Giovanni “Canzona per sonare no 2”
211. Alternative parts are horn for trumpet II, horn for trombone and tuba for trombone.
$20 / $12

Gabrieli, Giovanni “Canzona per sonare no 4”
211. Alternative parts are horn for trumpet II, horn for trombone and tuba for trombone.
$18 / $10

Ramsoe, Wilhelm “Menuetto from Quartet No 2”
2 trumpets, trombone and baritone. with an alternate part for horn to double trombone and a part for horn to double 2 trumpet. Tuba can play baritone part down an octave
$10 / $6

Hartley, Walter “Quartet for Brass”
Trumpet, horn, euphonium / trombone, tuba
Written with conical instruments designated but then there are no laws saying it has to be that way.
$11 / $7

Schneider, Willy “Tower Music’
2 trumpets and 2 bones
$5 / $2
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