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Re: King 2341 (New Model)

Postby bort » Sun Oct 28, 2018 3:11 pm

Back in about 2003, when I bought my first tuba (after college = no more school tuba), I considered a 2341.

IIRC, there was a batch at BBC being sold, new, for $3,000 each, with the disclaimer "you will never see these prices again."

Guess that was true! Frankly, I think the low price scared me off a bit, too. Plus, I was already a CC person by that point. :roll:
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Re: King 2341 (New Model)

Postby sloan » Sun Nov 04, 2018 8:23 pm

At one point, I had 6 tubas. Then I downsized. The one I kept is a 2341 (new model - 2nd iteration).

Those with better ears than mine claim it's "one of the good ones".

Which is a clue - some are very, very good - others are not. Play test before buying.

Otherwise - it was "tuned at the factory" and does effortlessly everything I have ever needed it to do.

What more do you need?
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Re: King 2341 (New Model)

Postby Doc » Wed Nov 07, 2018 9:28 pm

sloan wrote:it was "tuned at the factory" and does effortlessly everything I have ever needed it to do.

What more do you need?

That’s all you need.

I’m a bit envious of having six tubas,but I’ve certainly had my share over the years. I’d like to find a medium sized BBb or CC (King 2341, Eastman 632, etc) that was easy to play, easy to hold, and had very easy intonation. But then again, there are a bunch of tubas I’d love to own. :cry:
All that, plus $8.00, will get you a venti at Starbucks.
Or in my case, a large can of Folgers.
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Re: King 2341 (New Model)

Postby bloke » Wed Nov 07, 2018 10:32 pm

Donn wrote:Did all of these glowing testimonials apply equally to the Old Model, and/or 1241? My guess, just on principle, would be that they're physical similar enough that differences are going to be as much due to assembly line accidents - but they will be different to the player because of the old model's tall bell.

"old" versions" (both 1241 and 2341) play just as well.
Players probably like/prefer the squatty new version because
- cute
- less unwieldy
- output-source-close-to-head, which more tuba players seem to prefer...and even some tubists

Well-cared-for older ones seem to have been considerably more carefully constructed, but what else is new?
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Re: King 2341 (New Model)

Postby davidbharris » Fri Nov 09, 2018 8:54 am

I was down at Dillons trying about a dozen different BBb(!, gotta love that), including the chinese clone of the King (which really was a decent horn). Then Matt pulled out a new/used 2341 that someone had bought and really never used. What a sweet horn! After a couple of hours of trying horns it was the clear winner and I rode home with it. So happy to have this tuba. I also play a beautiful 1885 Czverny BBb 4 valve helicon, which is awesome for all sorts of second line, balkan, dixieland and groove music. But for sitting in a section, the King 2341 melds so much better. I had spit valves put on all the valve tubes to make emptying just a tip. When I stand, I use the newly improved neotech tuba harness ... tuba+strap
BTW, I can even use this with my helicon, splitting the load evenly over both shoulders; this was a game-changer for both horns and highly suggest it for all players.
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