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3/4 Rudy FS/T, mthpc FS, gig bag FS

Postby octavelower » Fri Nov 09, 2018 5:47 pm


I am selling a 3/4 Rudy. It plays great valves are an excellent smooth example of rotors and in near mint condition. It is around 15 years old (young for a Rudy).

Intonation: is very good. I have no issues. I use the 2nd valve slide kicker for a couple of notes and pull first valve occasionally.
Tone: gorgeous Rudy sound, velvety smooth

Lacquer: almost 100%, just a little missing on the valve paddles where my fingers rest

Location: Dallas Metro

Price: $7500 includes a very nice Cronkhite gig bag

I used to own 4 tubas and now I'm down to two, a 3/4 Rudy and a Yamaha 822 F. The reason I am selling is that both my tubas sound like a 4/4 cc, I am looking for a 5/4 cc. I need a little more variety.

I would consider a trade for a 5/4 piston valve CC tuba depending on the tuba

Also selling:
PT-42 mouthpiece - $100 (tarnished from sitting on my book case)
Cronkhite gig bag - fits yamaha 621 F/C/Bb tuba - $400 (Used for about 3 weeks, greyhound lost the tuba that I had used with this case) :(
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