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Re: Chinese tubas after few years of playing

Postby NCSUSousa » Fri Dec 07, 2018 10:09 am

I've had my TE-2110 (Tuba Exchange brand - now discontinued model) for over 6 years now. Here's the rundown:
The lacquer is really crappy (similar to The Elephant's post above). It's flaked completely off at every regular contact point. It's not coming off everywhere, just where I touch regularly, including to lift the horn out of the case.
My 4th slide rubs against the top bow when I pull it way out (B-natural, Db and Eb an octave below the staff) or when I remove the slide to empty condensation. That has led to some scratches on both the slide and the top bow. It makes a slight rattle sound (slide against top bow) if I pull it to that point and take my hand off while I play the note. I'm probably just going to sell this tuba (upgrade) before I ever have that fixed.
When I took my tuba by Tuba Exchange for its first deep cleaning, Mike replaced the rotary valve bumpers. The factory bumpers were crap, but the replacements have lasted nicely.

My cheap wood+foam case is actually holding up. I'm wondering if my wheel upgrade was a saving factor. Big thanks to Ohio Travel Bag - same company Bloke recommends for case parts - I got some better wheels on their consumer sales webpage - (Yes, that's the same company.) My new wheels are way better than what came on the case originally.

My dad has had his Mack 210 for about the same amount of time.
His is silver plated - the finish has sustained much better than my lacquer. His case is long gone - the plywood along the piano hinge area ended up falling apart. Overall, It's a good tuba and has lasted well in the hands of someone who used to play for the US Army band. His valve paddles are the weaker design that The Elephant mentioned (nickel plating on brass) and flex a bit much. Some have bent over time. My valve paddles use a different design and don't flex as much - I like the valve paddle design on my tuba, but the nickel plating has flaked off of one of them already.
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Re: Chinese tubas after few years of playing

Postby Casca Grossa » Fri Dec 07, 2018 11:24 am

I have had my Mack 410 for 5 or 6 years now. Works great. Some pitting of the lacquer where my right arm rests on the horn otherwise I am a satisfied customer. No mechanical issues at all and valves work great.
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