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Sold: PT6P

Postby Glaucon » Tue Dec 04, 2018 10:07 pm

Hello all,

I kind of can't believe I'm doing this, but I'm here to post my beloved PT6P for sale. Plays like a dream, sounds like a monster, but at the end of the day, the ergonomics of the horn just don't fit for me, and I've been dealing with some lingering discomfort while playing. So alas, this horn must move to its new home.

This horn has been my voice and has served me well. It has been played professionally for its entire life and cared for meticulously. Though there are a few cosmetic blemishes that can be expected from professional life, the horn is in excellent condition inside and out. (I’m also happy to send serious buyers additional pictures.)

I know that everyone thinks that their PT6 is the best one ever, and I must admit that I am no exception. This horn was purchased 5 years ago new from Custom Music. I had the water keys removed -- I always pull slides anyway, and I think horns sound better without them. I sunk a lot of money into the valves; including:
1. MAW valves.
2. Bloke's synthetic felts.
3. Hollow titanium stems.
4. Hardened aluminum finger buttons.
All of this allowed me to use Yamaha euphonium springs and led to a reaction of "WOW!! REALLY?!?" from anyone who ever played it.

I also purchased a SuperSac gig bag from Mr. Tucci 2 years ago, though it looks brand new. I got the double-padded with the reinforced bell protection.

I know that several of you here on can attest to the superlative playing of this instrument.

I'm listing this instrument at $11000, including this $400 gig bag and $1500 worth of custom valve equipment. All original equipment will also be included with the horn. This is an excellent instrument and could easily serve anyone well for the remainder of their professional career.

Horn is available to play test in Northeast Ohio. I also plan to travel to the Midwest conference for a day later this month. Trial periods are not offered (it is a PT6; very little mystery here) and shipping is possible if arranged by the buyer. Please contact me at" target="_blank" target="_blank if you have any questions, and thank you for your time.

Ken Heinlein
Principal Tuba, Akron Symphony and Erie Philharmonic Orchestras
Assistant Professor of Tuba, Kent State University
Lecturer in Tuba and Euphonium, Baldwin Wallace University" target="_blank" target="_blank
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Re: FS: PT6P

Postby CJBlaha » Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:36 am

This is a fabulous instrument because of its intonation, sound and projection.
I've heard Ken play this a number of times, as well as played it frequently myself. I'm really sad for Ken that he is letting this tuba go but it's going to serve its new owner tremendously well.
Christopher Blaha, DMA
Asst. Professor of Tuba/Euphonium
The University of Akron
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Re: FS: PT6P

Postby CC » Tue Dec 11, 2018 1:15 pm

Hi all,
I've personally played this instrument and can vouch for its quality. Ken really takes care of his instruments and this would be a terrific PT6P if you're in the market.

Chris Combest
Chris Combest, D.M.A.
Assistant Professor of Tuba
Middle Tennessee State University
Meinl Weston/B&S/Buffet Crampon artist
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