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WTT YCB-621S for a YFB-621

Postby sc_curtis » Tue Jan 08, 2019 12:01 am


I have a YCB-621S in good shape (plays great, looks shiny, has dents and scratches) that I've been using as my quintet tuba for a few years now. I also have a Rudy 3/4 CC that is currently being overhauled and it's almost finished, and that will become my main quintet axe, thus rendering my little yammy redundant. This, coupled with the fact that I used to have a smaller F (MW182) and miss having that option, has led me to wonder if anyone out there has a YFB-621 (preferably lacquer) that they wish to swap out for the CC version. I'm not interested in selling at this time... just trying to see if there's a "magical" circumstance of swapping tubas. I can throw some pictures up if I get any interest. My location is Houston (TX), Austin (TX), or Shreveport (LA), depending on which way the wind is blowing.


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