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WTB: Mirafone Kranz for Old 186, Unused with Engraving

Postby the elephant » Mon Jan 14, 2019 2:10 pm

I am posting here because this is the only place on TN that will ever get a large enough audience to find what I am looking for.

I need a new, never installed, OLD STYLE, OLD SPELLING, OLD SIZE Miraphone 186 bell wreath/garland/Kranz with the period-correct spelling of "MIRAFONE" that one of you guys might have sitting around in a parts bin from a project you never completed and would like some of your money back. (I have a wire if your Kranz no longer sports one. Same price offer.)

I will pay you close to DOUBLE what one of these costs brand new through Miraphone (currently @$104, so I am offering you $200!!!!!!) if you have one in new, unused condition, even if it has completely blackened with age. Again, it must have never been hammered around the wire. Did I happen to mention that I already have two used ones and do not want another, but only a NEW one? (Just checking to make sure you understood what I am looking for, heh, heh...)

I know this is a long shot, but Miraphone informed me that they can no longer sell this. They stopped engraving the wreaths and now would have to send it to an engraver and "it might not match, exactly, the old engraving".

Further, if you have one and don't care about the engraving but plan on using it someday, perhaps we could trade my genuine Miraphone bell garland that has no engraving plus a hundred bucks for your fully engraved one with the old F spelling of the name. This would leave you with a new garland and enough money to get another one.

I know this is an extreme long shot, but —





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