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New Bells for JinBao and Yamaha 3/4 tubas for sale

Postby MackBrass » Sun Sep 08, 2019 3:19 pm

Recently we ordered 16 inch bells meant for upgrading any of the Jinbao 3/4 CC, Yamaha 103 BBb and Yamaha 3/4 621 series BBb, CC and F tubas that came with the 14.3 inch bells. Unfortunately when the order arrived, the bells were 15 inches and not 16. Although this was not what I ordered, the 15 inch bell will still make a noticeable improvement in the sound over the standard 14.3 inch bells.

The 16 inch bells are going to be sold for $650.00 in silver so here is your chance to still get a larger 15 inch bell in silver but at a significantly lower price for only 385.00 plus shipping.

The new 15 inch bells in silver do not come with any logos and will fit some other tubas not already mentioned above like some of the Holtons and maybe the Weril 3/4 tubas.

If you have a bell that has been wrinkled, crushed or you are just looking for a more refined sound, these will certainly work for you. If interested feel free to call us to place an order and we can ship one out right away.

Kind Regards,
Tom McGrady
MACK Brass of Virginia LLC
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Re: New Bells for JinBao and Yamaha 3/4 tubas for sale

Postby bloke » Mon Sep 09, 2019 9:01 am

This is cool, Tom.
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