Zoom tuba meet Sunday 14th June 7pm GMT

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Zoom tuba meet Sunday 14th June 7pm GMT

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Might be of interest to some of you band/section players!

From facebook:

BBb Players Zoom Chat Room

Following requests for advice on various forums Simon Gresswell (Yamaha Artist) and Andy Cattanach, invite fellow Tuba players to come along on Sunday 14th June 2020 at 19.00 GMT for an informal Chat and Advice session on Zoom. This all with a beer if required and under no pressure at all. Simon and Andy will be delighted to answer specific questions regarding BBb Tuba playing.

This chat night will be primarily for BBb Players, However……
All Tuba players would be welcome as some of the chat will relate to Brass Band section playing.
Please register interest by sending Simon or Andy a request via private message and include your e- mail address so an official invite can be sent out.

Simon & Andy
Andy Cattanach, UK
Fodens Band, Intrada Brass Ensemble.
Yamaha Neo BBb x 2 (2011 and 2016), B+H 3v Imperial BBb.
Yamaha YBL613H Bass Trombone.
Mercer and Barker MB5 Cattanach, Yeo Signature Mouthpieces.
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