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Postby pjv » Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:26 am

I still have the same bag for almost 20 years.
It'll probably out live me.
I went to an outdoor sport shop. They often have a department or a connection who'll make custom backpacks for every purpose.
The difference is, most gig bag shops make beautiful soft bags you'd want to sleep in...which eventually fall apart.
Outdoor sport backpacks are all about durability and wear comfort.
So I have a very large padded top-loader backpack with padding all around, extra on the two side I set the tuba down the most (bottom bow and the left side). On size fits all. My Mira. 1291 goes in as well as my Kanstul 80 (uh, not at the same time). I use the straps to loosen or tighten the fit, just like with back packs.
No zippers (except for the two pouches). Fantastic comfortable straps for wearing it on my back or over my shoulder.
I paid about €200-250 for it. Of coarse that was 20 years ago.
investment of a lifetime.
Just have it made large enough for a huge tuba and you'll always have a usable gig bag.
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