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Re: The World’s Smallest Tuba

Postby Wyvern » Mon Mar 18, 2019 8:17 am

The tuba Dylan reviewed is based on a Jestaedt design and is nothing like the Melton Trolly tuba. Wessex did sell this model in our early days, but have long since replaced with an exclusive Wessex version with larger bore, 5 valves and far better playing, our TF135 Bubbie 5 - This is really intended as practice travel tuba, although the CC and BBb tornister tubas ( are based on tubas used by the Austro-Hungarian army in the early 20th century and these can be used for public performances as shown in this period picture. I believe a few Jazz players successfully use with mic and amplification. The tone is good if not overblown.
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Re: The World’s Smallest Tuba

Postby Dylan King » Mon Mar 18, 2019 11:24 am

I'm encouraged by all of this talk regarding this video. When my wife (who thinks that tubas, and frankly all music is boring) said that she liked the video and thought that is was funny, I was filled with a sense of contentment. Reading the comments makes me want to do more, despite my sometimes hectic schedule as a filmmaker outside of the YouTube space.

That being said, it would probably be fun to do a comparison video with all (or at least a few more) of these travel tubas. If you makers are interested in such a thing, let me know. I might consider clowning my way through a tiny-tuba shootout.

I will be happy to send the instruments back at the end, and promise NOT to throw any of them out the window.

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Re: The World’s Smallest Tuba

Postby opus37 » Tue Mar 19, 2019 9:53 am

Being one of the few people who have owned both versions of the Wessex Bubbie, I can say the first version, which is the same as the Mack Brass horn, was very stuffy and hard to play. I upgraded to the Bubbie 5. It is fun to play. It does take a bit of work to get the best tone, but that work has helped me with my Miraphone tone, a lot. I use the Bubbie 5 mostly for practice, but have played it in community band and quintet. It is not as pretty a sound as the miraphone, but it does work. I play mine as an Eb. The upper range is clearer, but the lower does come through fine too. In my opinion, the biggest impediment to playing in concert is volume. I guess that is why some jazz players amplify their horns. For Salvation Army standing gigs, this is ideal choice.
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Re: The World’s Smallest Tuba

Postby bloke » Tue Mar 19, 2019 2:19 pm

opus37 wrote:Being...

a question about your user name, sir:
Does it refer to you being nocturnal ? :D
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